Sicilian cooking

Christmas in Trapani….Food, Food, Food

Christmas in Trapani, Sicily means eating from the Vigilia di Natale ( 24th  December night till the night of December 26th, Santo Stefano).  Two days of non-stop eating!

Here are  samples of the food served during this period.










The one fundamental thing missing in Trapani


Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Not for nothing it is called the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

The island’s charm lies in its traditions. The people are greatly attached to the old ways, and don’t want them to change. The problem is that the world is changing at the speed of light and Sicily is left behind, and it’s even going backwards.

One Step forward, 2 steps backward

 Thanks to Ryan Airways, Trapani has been put on the map. The city is connected with most capital cities in Europe. The flights are short and sweet (especially the prices).

A flight from England, if booked well in advance, can empty your wallet by around Euros 50 round trip.

When you arrive at Birgi Airport (Trapani’s airport) you might want to take a taxi to the city. Well, that will cost you Euros 35 one way! Don’t even think about booking a taxi to San Vito  – the Hawaii of Sicily  – the trip will cost Euros 60, again one way.  In other words, it is very cheap to fly into Sicily but once you get here, you will be skinned!

There is a bus at the airport that will take you to the city center, but you need to make sure you don’t arrive on Sundays  or holidays. Do you want to know why?

Back to the Middle Ages

You must not arrive  in, or depart from, Trapani, on Sundays and holidays because public transport stops on Sundays and holidays. Yes, that’s the way it is. After all, the drivers need their holidays too. So, local inhabitants and tourists must   use their car, if they have one. No car?  Then you either take a taxi or… WALK!


Where to eat in Trapani: Ristorante ESMERALDA

ESMERALDA is a newly-opened restaurant in Trapani, near Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and off Via Fardella in the center of the city. They have a variety of dishes…fish, meat, couscous and other Sicilian dishes.



Seafood salad


Gnocchi with tomato sauce


Spaghetti alle Vongole


Limoncello …. made with Sicilian lemons


Cassatelle con ricotta ….fried dumplings with ricotta filling


Guess why there are so many cafès in Trapani

Trapani is only slightly more than 100 sq. miles but there are hundreds of bars (cafès) all over the city. Sicilians love to hang around cafes. That’s where they have their breakfast (coffee and cornetto), meet up with friends, or read the newspapers. Yes, most bars offer a daily newspapers for customers to read free of charge. It’s quite an incentive for people to come as a newspaper (Il Giornale di Sicilia) costs 1,30 Euros, not cheap. An espresso costs from 80c to 1 Euro, depending on the location of the cafè. A cornetto (croissant) is usually about 1 euro.

Here are some pictures of the cafès you will find in Trapani: